James – Sat – 21-12-11

Technology has radically transformed our lives. We carry computers in our pockets, which we increasingly take for granted! Electronics have changed so many different areas, such as office work, medicine, entertainment and engineering. Cars are now loaded with computers chips. Even farming has changed. Did you know that farmers can now use planters that are incredibly precise? Global positioning satellites feed information to the planter, allowing it to avoid overplanting a part of the field. The combination of GPS with the mechanisms that insert seeds at precise distances in rows precisely spaced, allow farmers to save seed, fertilizer and money. Nothing is wasted.

It wasn’t that way in Jesus’ day. Farming wasn’t about precision. They sowed seed by hand. Some seed fell on good soil, other seed fell on the path or in rocky areas. Even though some seed didn’t produce a harvest, the wise farmer sowed generously. He couldn’t worry about wasting a little seed. If you scattered a lot seed, you would have an abundant harvest.

We need this type of thinking. We need to scatter some things abundantly rather than precisely. That’s what James 3:18 says, “Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.”(NIV) We must scatter seeds of peace. Sometimes it will result in peace among people. Sometimes it won’t. But the only way to harvest righteousness is to sow abundantly! Scatter some peace today!

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