Believe: Dino Carvings – Sat – 21-11-06

Do you remember the film Jurassic Park? I do. I’d known about Tyrannosaurus Rex. But that film introduced me to Velociraptors. I know it is fiction, but the film made me very thankful that dinosaurs are not living today! Can you imagine going to a wilderness area and having to keep watch to avoid a t-rex? Bears are bad enough!

Evolution tells us that millions of years before humans, dinosaurs became extinct. However, the evidence is not so clear.

Consider the following:*

  1. A Cambodian temple erected in 1186 A.D. – that’s 600 years before any dinosaur fossil dig – has a carving that looks just like a Stegosaurus.
  2. At the Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah, rock carvings and paintings believed to be made by the Anasazi Indians between 500 and 1500 years ago include a painting that looks like a Brontosaurus.
  3. Artifacts from Acambaro, Mexico include hundreds of figurines that are easily identified as Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon, Brachiosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  4. In Peru, Inca carvings from 500-1500 A.D. depict pterosaurs, including details like dermal frills or spines. It wasn’t until 1922 that fossil records were discovered of dermal frills. How could ancient Indians depict them, if they’d never seen them?

This evidence strongly suggests that the dates given for humans and dinosaurs in order to support evolution should be viewed with suspicion. I think I’ll just trust the Bible on this topic!

*Victoria Rowbottom, “DINOSAURS AND HUMANS – DID THEY CO-EXIST?” The Creation Club, 2015,

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