Believe: Rock Layers – Thu – 21-11-04

Have you ever been in a natural history museum or science center and felt your faith challenged? The Bible says God created the earth in six days. Museum displays say animals evolved over millions of years. Where do they get the age for the fossils in the museum? Usually from the age of the rock. How do we get the age of a rock? From the geologic column. Do you remember it from your science textbooks? It was a chart of rock layers. The oldest, lowest rock layer had no fossils. Then layers with simple fossils are on top, followed by other layers with increasingly complex animal fossils. The entire set of layers is called the geologic column.

But you shouldn’t let it challenge your faith. Did you know these facts about the geologic column?*

  1. It does not exist anywhere on earth as depicted in textbooks.
  2. Layers are often missing in nature, for example the Grand Canyon only has half the layers.
  3. Layers are often out of order, supposedly older rock often sits on top of younger rock.
  4. Fossils are found in the wrong layer, occasionally with fossils that are supposed to be separated by hundreds of millions of years.
  5. Fossils are found crossing through layers.

Clearly, the geologic column is not a rock solid way to date fossils! So, enjoy the museum and marvel at the creatures God created!

*Scott M. Huse, The Collapse of Evolution, (Grand Rapids, Baker Book House, 1983), p. 9-16.

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