Believe: Living Fossils – Mon – 21-11-01

Do you remember playing hide and seek as a child? Someone hid their eyes and everyone else scattered and hid. You always wanted to have a good hiding spot. Hiding the longest was how you won the game! Now, imagine hiding for 273 million years!

Ok, so I’m not talking about a game. I am talking about a recent news article. Two living fossils have been discovered. No, not dinosaurs! It is a non-skeletal coral living on a crinoid. They were discovered in the Pacific Ocean 330 feet deep off the coast of Japan. Supposedly, both creatures became extinct 273 million years ago. That’s the estimated age of the rock containing the fossils of these two creatures.*

But they obviously did not go extinct. Generations of the creatures must have lived for the modern pair to exist. I guess the deep ocean is a good hiding place! Also, this is not the first time a living creature has been discovered that scientists believed to be extinct by millions of years. I also predict it won’t be the last!

Perhaps there is something wrong with the assumptions evolutionists use about the dating of rocks or of the fossil forming process. Perhaps fossils were formed in a catastrophe such as a global flood. Maybe the fossils were formed only thousands of years ago. At any rate, discovery of so called “living fossils” should make us reconsider accepted scientific theories.

*Hannah Sparks, “‘Living fossil’ rediscovered in Pacific Ocean after 273 million years,” New York Post, May 10, 2021,

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