The Persecuted – Tue – 21-10-19

Were you ever picked on in school? I was. I’m sure you were too. Practically everyone is picked on at some point. I was picked on because I was the new kid. We’d moved to town and the others wanted to see how tough I was. So, they harassed me. Sometimes people are picked on because they are different. They may look different, act different or speak with an accent. For whatever reason, they don’t fit in with the rest.

Then there are times others are jealous. Or they’ve been shown up by someone, so they’re harrassed. I once witnessed a violent assault on a high school freshman because he out performed a senior during football practice. So, the senior, with help from a friend, attacked him after practice.

Yes, people get picked on for different reasons. But, have you been harassed or attacked because you did the right thing? Jesus talked about this in Matthew 5:10, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”(NIV) Notice he’s not talking about people persecuted for being different or the new kid in school. He’s talking about persecution “because of righteousness.” They are living the right way, doing the right thing and pleasing God. And because of that they are attacked. People who are persecuted for righteousness have the blessing. They can claim the kingdom of heaven.

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