Peacemakers – Fri – 21-10-15

You know, people sometimes argue over the dumbest things. Many years ago, someone wrote to an advice columnist to settle an argument on whether the toilet paper should be hung to roll off the top of the roll or from under it!

Lorenzo Jensen III, wrote an article that asked Reddit users about the dumbest argument they have had. One person witnessed others in “a seven hour argument over an avocado which resulted in various kitchen items being thrown across a room and some of the worse abuse I’ve even seen two people scream at each other.”* Wow! What a scene! Seven hours arguing over an avocado!

People also argue over serious things. Take politics. No, really, take politics away! Don’t you wish you could? All the arguing that goes on whether face-to-face or on social media.

People also argue over religious things. Even in the Bible, Christians were arguing. Paul wrote to the Romans about their disputes over eating certain foods. Some thought it sinful, others did not. Paul examined their arguments, and, in essence, told them to be peacemakers. Oh, he didn’t use that term. But he did write this in Romans 14:19, “Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.” If you want to be a peacemaker, great! Remember, you may need to be one even around your Christian friends!

*Lorenzo Jensen III, “25 People Remember The Dumbest Argument They’ve Ever Had,” Thought Catalog,  July 15th 2014,

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