How to Search Tags

Want to find something using tags? Most tags on the site are references to Scripture, although other tags are also used.

You can click a tag in the Tags list in the side bar to show only posts and episodes with that tag.

It is important to understand the tagging convention.

  • Scripture references on podcast episodes, pages and other posts follow a convention with tags for Bible book, chapter and verse — without any spaces. The book is a four-letter abbreviation.
  • For example, tags for something that uses John 3:16 will have this tag: John3:16. The tags for Matthew 10:6 will be: Matt10:6.
  • Note: when a passage with multiple verses is used, only the first verse is used as a tag. The tag for Matthew 28:18-20 would appear as Matt28:18.
  • Topics may also be used as tags.