Psalm 23 – Mon – 21-10-04

Have you ever wondered about the future? Maybe you follow a sports team and you wonder whether they will make the playoffs or not. Or, do you follow the stock market and wish you knew when the market would turn or a particular stock would take off? Medical tests make us wonder about the future. Have you ever wondered what the diagnosis would be and how that might change your life? I think all of us have gone to the store and wondered what will happen with inflation. Will it ease or grow worse? People are already wondering about the next election and who will run and who will win.

It is difficult to be sure about the future. So many things can happen! But we can have assurance about the future. Listen to Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Did you hear the assurance in that verse? “I shall not want.” There is no wondering about the future! There is no doubt in the Psalmist’s mind. Everything will be good. All his needs will be met. Why? Because the Lord is the one caring for him! He is trusting in someone sure — God!

This is the main point in the psalm. We can trust in God to care for us. If we rely on him like sheep rely on the shepherd, then he absolutely will care for us!

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