The Merciful – Wed – 21-09-22

Have you noticed that athletics run in the family? Sometimes championships even run in the family. Archie Manning was a quarterback in the NFL for 13 seasons, mostly with the New Orleans Saints. His two sons, Payton and Eli, have also been quarterbacks in the NFL. Both of the boys have two Super Bowl victories each. *

Or consider the Griffeys in Major League Baseball. Ken Griffey Sr. made the All Star team three times. His son Ken Griffey Jr. was an All Star 13 times. At one point, both father and son played for the Mariners. In one game they hit back-to-back homers. They are the only father-son duo to accomplish the feat.

Then there are the Earnhardts in NASCAR racing. Ralph Earnhardt won the 1956 National Sportsman division. His son, Dale Earnhardt Sr., was won the Winston Cup seven times. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has won over 25 victories in stock car racing, including the Daytona 500 twice.

It seems almost cliché to say “like father like son.” But it is so true. Sons often look like and act like their fathers, even when it involves sports. If we are to be merciful, like the Beatitudes urge, then we need to take after our heavenly Father. Or, as Luke 6:36 says, “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.” (NIV)

*All examples from: “Athletes and Their Athlete Fathers,” Sports Illustrated, June 8, 2015,

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