Hunger For Righteousness – Thu – 21-09-16

I recently learned a new word, thirst trap. Have you heard this one? A thirst trap is defined by as “a social media post, especially a selfie or other photo, intended to elicit sexual attention, appreciation of one’s attractiveness, or other positive feedback.”*

In other words, some people have such a desperate need for attention they will do or post anything to get it.  They post selfies of outrageous stunts, or photos of themselves – usually in a swimsuit, underwear or posing like a body builder. The entire exercise is to feed their ego. That’s a thirst trap.

Ok, so let’s forget all the selfie and “trap” parts and focus on the word thirst. Our culture uses it for a desperate desire. Such as a “thirst for attention.” This usage fits with the way Jesus used the word in Matthew 5:6. He said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” (NIV)

The “thirst” Jesus described is a desperate desire to be pleasing to God. But it is not a trap. It is not seeking to glorify self or gain praise from others. It is not an exercise in ego. Rather, it seeks the approval of the just and righteous God. If you thirst for righteousness, you can be filled through faith in Jesus and the righteousness God provides to those who seek him.


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