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Larry Casola is one of the last European-style, stained-glass craftsmen in the United States. He learned his craft as a hobby while working as a fireman in Long Island, New York. Larry left the fire department at age 41 and moved Casola Stained Glass Studio to Fort Myers, FL. He eventually added a few other staff.

Since opening, the studio has designed and created personalized windows for homes, churches and commercial buildings. This work includes a window 60 feet wide and eight feet high at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Palm Beach Gardens. Each panel was personalized to the wishes of the family donating it. Larry has since retired and passed the studio to his son.*

Why do I mention Larry Casola? Because he is an example of Proverbs 22:29, “Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.”(NIV)

Larry approached his hobby and business wholeheartedly. He put in the time and effort to develop his skills. This allowed him to work at something he loved and build a successful business. So, don’t forget to develop your skills! Even if you are in mid-career, continue to sharpen your abilities. Whether you are a carpenter, bricklayer, computer programmer, data scientist, physician, dentist, nurse, teacher, writer, business leader, or whatever your job — invest in the time and effort to improve your abilities!

*Cynthia Williams, “Stained glass studio in Fort Myers inspired by love of art, perfection,” Herald-Tribune, August 1, 2021,

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