Favorite Parable – Fri – 21-08-13

Have you ever wondered about the future? I think we all have. We see all kinds of threats and problems around us. They make us wonder whether the future will be better or worse.

Sometimes our concern about the future is about near-term events. You know, thinks like will inflation be bad in the next couple of years or what will happen in the next election? Sometimes our concern is for our health or our loved ones. At other times, we are fascinated by the end of time and the return of Christ. Numerous books have been written about the end times. Some have even been made into films. There are also numerous ideas about exactly what the Bible says about the return of Christ. Some are quite complex.

This brings me to my favorite parable. The parable of the tares is a simple story that Jesus told to teach about the end of time. He told it in Matthew 13:24-30. Then – my favorite part – he explains it in verses 36-43. Here’s the bottom line: evil and good will exist in this world until the end of the age. Then judgement will occur, separating the evil from the good. And our hope is in verse 43, “Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.” (NIV) I don’t know about you, but I really like that part!

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