Favorite Bible Genre – Sun – 21-08-08

This week on the podcast, I’ve decided to focus on some of my favorites from the Bible. So, I began planning the week’s episodes. It was easy to pick out my favorite characters and a verse from the New Testament. But when I began thinking about a favorite verse from the Old Testament, I was stumped! So many great ones exists! I thought of Genesis 1, which speaks of creation. Or what about the 23rd Psalm? It was one of the first passages I memorized as a youth. Then there are so many Proverbs that I like.

Since it was so hard to pick one passage, I decided to think about my favorite story from the Old Testament instead. Again, settling on one story was difficult because the Old Testament is full of good ones, like the donkey that talked to Balaam or the soap opera that was Jacob’s life. And there is Ehud, the left-handed judge! It’s kind of gross, but in an action-adventure sort of way! And I haven’t even talked about David and Goliath, Daniel in the lion’s den and so many more!

That’s when I decided to change the emphasis again. I realized that my favorite genre to read in the Old Testament, is history. You know, Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, the books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. There are so many good stories! I encourage you to read them as well.

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