Fruit of Self-Control – Fri – 21-07-30

Self-control is in demand. A search on Amazon shows over 30,000 books matching the search term self-control. 726 of the books had been published within 30 days of my search. 61 additional books will be published soon. One of the titles is The Power of Discipline: How to Use Self Control and Mental Toughness to Achieve Your Goals. Another book is Control Yourself: Science-Backed Practices To Boost Your Self-Control & Pursue Your Lifelong Dreams. Here’s another,

Building Strong Self-Control: Complete Guide To Develop Greater Willpower & Work At Peak Productivity. You can tell from these titles that the authors know self-control is important and in demand.

Now I have not read these books. They may have some helpful information. But this brings us to another contrast with the fruit of the Spirit called self-control. That contrast is the source of the power over our lives. Many books are written claiming the source of power for change is our own efforts. If we just have enough toughness or follow the right techniques, we can develop will power. But the fruit of the Spirit is more than tips and techniques. It is God at work within us to provide us moral strength. So, the source of self-control is more than our efforts to do the right thing. We are strengthened through God’s Spirit. Aren’t you glad you have Spirit-help and not just self-help to be inwardly strong?!

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