Fruit of Gentleness – Thu – 21-07-22

Have you worked to develop your leadership? Leadership is an important quality. People often want to be the leader, whether that is being the captain of the team, the president of the class, the manager in business or leading in the community. Leadership is also in demand. Companies and organizations spend a lot of time and money developing leadership in employees.

So, people work on many things to improve their leadership. They learn to organize themselves, manage a project, read a budget and speak in public.  They also pay attention to the way they dress, how to meet others and shake hands, and how to mingle and converse in informal gatherings. But, would you work on meekness in order to become a better leader?

One of the misconceptions people have is that leaders are not meek. Brett Simmons believes that meekness is one of the most undervalued virtues of leadership. He is a consultant that teaches leadership in college MBA courses. He approaches the virtue from a secular standpoint, so some of his concepts don’t always align with the fruit of the Spirit. But I think he is right when he says, “Meekness is my response to your initiatives directed at me.”* In other words, it is the ability to absorb and dissipate what another thrusts at you. When others are irritating or harsh, meekness responds correctly, but not harshly, to produce positive results.

If you are a leader, or developing leadership skills, remember to focus on meekness.

*Brett L. Simmons, “Strong Meekness: An Undervalued Virtue Of Leadership,” August 21, 2011,

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