Fruit of Goodness – Sun – 21-06-27

This week we are focusing on the fruit of the Spirit called goodness.

We often use the word good to describe people or things.  You know the phrases, “he’s a good player,” “this is good food,” and “she’s a good doctor.” So, what does it mean to describe something as “good”? When applied to people, it often describes someone who is excellent in their position. For instance, if I say a doctor is “good,” I mean he or she is excellent in providing medical care. Likewise, if I describe a football player as “good,” I mean he is excellent in his existing position. For example, Patrick Mahomes and  Tom Brady are excellent at the position of quarterback. 

When used of things, the word good often means beneficial or profitable. So, good food not only has a pleasing taste, it is also beneficial — as opposed to junk food. If someone describes an investment as good, they mean it will be profitable.

So, what is goodness? Does it mean the Holy Spirit is working to make us excellent in our position? Or to make us profitable? No. You see we use the word good in another way meaning virtuous or upright. If you say “he’s a good man” or “she’s a good woman,” you refer to their moral excellence. This is what the Spirit produces in us. He works to transform our character, to make us good from the inside out.

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