Fruit of Kindness – Sat – 21-06-19

Today, we wrap up our focus on the fruit of the Spirit called kindness. We’ve learned that the word kind describes actions that are pleasant, not irritating. It is the big-hearted attitude that allows us to be generous to those who do not deserve it. Let’s look at one more contrast to kindness.

In 2 Timothy 2:24, being kind is contrasted with quarreling. To quarrel is to have a conflict using words. Another word to describe this is to argue. People have conflicts in-person, through text and on social media. They hurl hurtful words at each other. Quarreling is the opposite of kindness. Also, quarreling often leads to physical conflicts. Just do a web search for news articles using the words argument or quarrel as search terms. You’ll find lots of stories about verbal conflicts becoming physical.

Not only is kindness the opposite of quarrelling, it is a description of love. In 1 Corinthians 13:4, Paul lists two positive attributes of love before listing several things love is not. The verse begins, “Love is patient, love is kind.”

So, check yourself. Are you arguing and quarreling with people in your family, at work, or next door? God’s Spirit is working to produce kindness in you. So don’t follow the urge to hurl hurtful words. Instead follow the prompting to say or text kind words and do kind things to those around you.

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