Fruit of Kindness – Mon – 21-06-14

When was the last time you described food or drink as kind? Probably never. I’ve never heard people say, “Man, that pizza was kind.” Or say, “That is a kind cup of coffee.” But Jesus used the word once, to describe wine. Jesus said this in Luke 5:39, “no one after drinking old wine wants the new, for he says, ‘The old is better.’ ”(NIV) The word Jesus used for “better” is the word kind. Aged wine is kinder than new wine. Jesus was describing the difference in taste. In other words, aged wine is smoother, not sharp or biting as new wine.

Another way to see a contrast with kindness is to think about the Trump presidency. President Trump was not known for making kind tweets on Twitter! He could be biting and acerbic. He loved to insult those who disagreed with him. Likewise, the media was not kind to President Trump. Neither were the Democrats or Never-Trump Republicans. Politics is just not kind.

You see, kindness is mild. It is magnanimous. It is generous. God’s Spirit seeks to change us so that we don’t “rub people the wrong way.” Rather, we treat people far better than they deserve. We overlook insults that come our way and respond with an open heart.

Today, set aside any biting sarcasm, sharp anger and insults and let God’s Spirit make you kind to others.

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