Believe: Math – Tue – 21-06-01

Where would we be without mathematics? Have you ever thought about that? No? Well, perhaps you should. Math allow us to count things. It can be used to calculate answers to problems. We use it to design buildings — then build them according to the design. Mathematics were used to predict radio waves. And later to create devices to create and use those waves. You probably have one in your pocket — your phone. Mathematic principals are the heart of computer science and artificial intelligence. Also, physics has used mathematics to discover planets, describe gravity and launch us into space. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is described as mathematic equations.

Mathematics also provide an argument for the existence of God. The applicability of mathematics to the physical world is phenomenal. So much of science and physics can be expressed in mathematical equations. This points to the designed mathematical structure of the universe. The logical conclusion is that God exists and has designed and built the universe according to his plan.*

I know, math may not be your strong suit. But take five minutes to watch a short video that does a better job of explaining this than I can. The link is in the show notes. The video is from Reasonable Faith with William Craig Lane.

So, look around at all the ways math is used to measure, invent, discover, track and calculate our world. Then realize it all points to God.

*”Mathematics and God,” Reasonable Faith with William Craig Lane,, July 13, 2020, 

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