Believe: Morality – Sun – 21-05-30

Have you ever wondered what it is like to float weightless in space? Imagine the experience of astronauts who have journeyed to the moon or orbited in the space shuttle or International Space Station. It must be so different than life on earth!

Now, take it one step further. Imagine you are floating in a space suit far out in the reaches of the solar system. You are nowhere near Earth, another planet or a space craft. The sun is just another speck of light. You float alone. Now, answer this question: which way is up? Impossible to answer, correct? To us, up is the direction of the sky and down is toward the ground. If you are floating in space, you have no objective reference for up or down.

The same situation exists in determining what is right and wrong. Without an objective reference, we can’t define good or evil. Since we know good and evil exist, there must be a standard. And there is! God is the standard. Our moral nature is a proof for the existence of God. This is the point of a five-minute video by William Lane Craig.* He talks about outer space, up and down, and shows that God exists because good exists. A link can be found in the show notes. Take five minutes and watch.

If you are absolutely convinced that something is good or evil, then you should be convinced God exists.

*”Can You Be Good Without God?” Reasonable Faith With William Craig Lane,, January 21, 2015,

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