Fruit of Love – Sun – 21-05-09

This week we focus on love. It is the first thing listed in the fruit of the Spirit. And since it’s Mother’s Day, it seems appropriate to think about love.

Look at all the ways mothers love! They endure morning sickness, weight gain, back aches and the labor of child birth, just so a baby can live. They feed and bathe, cuddle and coo, and deal with nasty gross diapers. Even when they aren’t feeling their best, mothers continue to care for their babies. They teach us to talk, to walk and to use the bathroom. They teach us, feed us, clothe us and get us to school. They often work outside the home so their children have what they need or to provide an education. Some mothers care for their disabled child, even when the child is an adult. The word mother can be a synonym for sacrifice. Because that’s what mothers do. It certainly is a synonym for love.

 Here’s an interesting fact, the Bible does not highlight the love of mothers. Nor does it command us to love our mothers. We are commanded to love God, love each other and love our neighbors, but not to love our mothers. We must not have a problem loving mom. However, we are commanded to honor our father and mother. Today, remember the love of your mother and honor her.

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