Overcoming – Thu – 21-05-06

Did you ever want to learn how to fight? I remember when I was in junior high. I wanted to learn how to defend myself. So I ordered a book on Kung Fu. Let me tell you, that really helped! Not! Pictures of stances, blows, blocks and kicks are not enough to teach the movements of combat! Thankfully, I never needed to really defend myself.

As we try to overcome the struggles in our lives, we also may become focused on tools, methods and techniques to win. In fact, Scripture gives us a few import teachings. For instance, are you facing the attacks of evil? I know, it almost seems melodramatic to say it. But often we struggle against evil – evil things done to us. What technique or tool should we use to fight back? How do we overcome and win against evil?

Romans 12:21 tells us “Do not be overcome by evil.” Well that’s great advice, we want to be the ones to overcome, not be defeated! But what do we do? Do we attack and seek revenge? Do we verbally attack those who attack us? Do we tweet or post in retaliation? Here is the surprise: the passage also tells us, “overcome evil with good.” We are not supposed to repay evil with evil. That is being overcome by evil. Rather, we must win by doing good. Use this in your struggles today.

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