Overcoming – Wed – 21-05-05

Are you facing financial problems? Are you struggling with sickness or disease? Do you face problems with your job? Does it seem that after getting past one problem you come face-to-face with an even bigger challenge – that life is just a never-ending obstacle course? How can we overcome such challenges?

Let’s look at Elizabeth Bradley. She knows how to overcome obstacles. Cadet Bradley recently broke the record for the indoor obstacle course at the U.S. Military Academy. It’s no easy course. The 11 challenges on the course include a crawl under a barrier, running through tires, a two-handed vault, a balance beam, an eight-foot long narrow shelf, a 20 foot horizontal ladder and climbing 16 feet up a rope. Oh, and don’t forget the 350 meter sprint, in part of which you must carry a six pound medicine ball. I doubt I could complete the course. Bradley did it in two minute and 20 seconds.

Now she practiced and conditioned herself before breaking the record. But the real secret is attitude. She says that 90% of the course is mental, “It requires you to push yourself past what you think you are capable of.”*

To overcome your challenges, adjust your attitude. Many Scriptures remind us of the power of God at work in our lives. One is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (NKJV) Keep that in mind as you tackle your next challenge.

*Matthew Cox, “Female Cadet Sets New Record for West Point’s Punishing Obstacle Course,” Military.com, April 2, 2021, https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/04/02/female-cadet-sets-new-record-west-points-punishing-obstacle-course.html.

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