Overcoming – Tue – 21-05-04

This week, I am encouraging you to overcome the challenges in your life. It is an interesting fact — you can’t overcome unless you’re in a struggle. To overcome means to be victorious over an opponent or obstacle. How big is the struggle? Big enough to challenge you to quit, to surrender. It can feel like war. It can be intense, even vicious.

How do we know this? In Matthew 16:18 Jesus talked about the struggle between the gates of Hades and his church. Just look at the intensity of the attack of evil upon Jesus and his people. Satan tempted Jesus after 40 days of fasting. He entered into one of Jesus’ followers in order to betray the Christ, leading to the crucifixion. Satan shook Peter through his denial. Satan repeatedly attacked the early church and tried to hinder the apostles. We are told he prowls like a lion in search of prey. That’s pretty intense!

The phrase “gates of Hades” is a reference to power. In the ancient world, a city was only as powerful as its gates. The gates of Hades refers to the devil’s power to wield death. But not even death will defeat Jesus’ church. Notice he said the gates of Hades will not overcome his church!

So are you facing challenges in life? Do you feel like you want to quit? Remember the power of Jesus, who overcame the attacks against him. He is on your side!

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