Whatever Is Praiseworthy – Tue – 21-04-27

One of our biggest challenges in focusing our thinking is approval. It is so easy to pay attention to the things we do not approve of, whether in the news, at work or even the behavior of our children.  In fact, in business, it used to be common to stamp documents by hand with big red letters that said “Approved” so there was no doubt on the document’s status.

When we think of “whatever is praiseworthy,” one nuance is the idea of approval. If we see something as worthy of praise, then we undoubtably approve of it. However, all the other things in life can crowd our attention. Even when an approval is presented, it is often from a negative view. For example, in politics, when polls of an office holder’s approval rating are reported, it only seems to draw major media attention when the numbers are down.

Take a moment to think through the different areas of your life and search for things you approve of, or that you like. Can you list some things from your family life? What about your work life and the actions of your coworkers? It is a bit easier to do this on social media, because most platforms have a like button. Strain through the news and look for items you like as well. As you do this, you are essentially looking for praiseworthy things.

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