Whatever Is Praiseworthy – Mon – 21-04-26

Philippians 4:8 encourages us to think about several positive things. This week we are focused on the last thing in the list, “whatever is praiseworthy.” The word praiseworthy in the original language comes from the word story. Praise is often given by telling the story of a person’s notable actions. Also the story of such actions is often repeated.

This is especially true of the brave rescue of others from danger. Take for instance a rescue performed in 1978 that was retold in the Washington Post just a couple of weeks ago.

June 27, 1978 was a stormy night in Washington D.C. Fire Engine 21 had been dispatched to Woodland Drive where power lines had been knocked down by the storm. The live wires were arcing and dancing in the street. That’s when firefighter John Bruton Sr. noticed a house at the end of the street was on fire, probably from a lightning strike. A woman was on the second floor shouting out a window for help. The crew moved to rescue her and raised a ladder to the window. Bruton climbed the ladder, but found the woman was no longer at the window. So he climbed into the burning house, found her and carried her back to the ladder where another firefighter carried her down to safety. Bruton received the department’s gold medal for valor.*

You and I should look for similar stories of praiseworthy actions. When we find one, tell the story to others.

*John Kelley, “A brave rescue in 1978 is still a part of District firefighting lore,” The Washington Post, March 29, 2021, https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-fire-rescue-medal/2021/03/29/da2b8f84-8da7-11eb-a6bd-0eb91c03305a_story.html

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