Whatever Is Excellent – Mon – 21-04-19

One way to think about whatever is excellent, is to look at people who have become masters in their field. You see this in many places.

In the academic world, the mastery of a course of study is recognized by granting a degree. Those who excelled are graduated with honors, such as magna cum laude. Then there are different degrees: bachelors, masters, and doctorates. Each showing increasing levels mastery.

For engineers, doctors and attorneys, they not only need the appropriate college degrees. They must pass a licensing exam to prove their mastery of the basics in their field.

But don’t forget electricians, welders, carpenters and the other skilled trades. They often have titles like Master Electrician or Master Carpenter. Let’s look at the Master Electrician. Do you know what it takes to earn this designation? It starts with at least 500 hours of instruction — some states require more, up to 1,000 hours. Then the apprentice must complete four or five years of on-the-job training and pass a licensing exam to become a journeyman. They are not a master electrician yet! It requires another two years of work experience – and sometimes passing another exam — to become a master electrician.*

The next time you flip a light switch, remember all the electricians from the power plant to your home who made it possible. This is an example of excellence.

*”Master Electrician License Requirements,” ElectricianSchoolEdu.org, https://www.electricianschooledu.org/master/

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