Whatever Is Excellent – Sun – 21-04-18

This week on The Sparking Faith Podcast, we focus on the phrase in Philippians 4:8 “whatever is excellent.” The passage encourages us to think about several positive things. So how do we think about things that are excellent?

One meaning of the word is achievement. Whether in our communities or workplace, the achievements of others are often recognized. At times, you will see things like “lifetime achievement awards.”  At other times you see the companies, organizations or structures that someone has built. One such achievement may actually be passing over your head right now – 250 miles high. I’m talking about the International Space Station.

For 20 years, the International Space Station has been conducting science experiments. At any given time, 200 experiments may be underway. That’s thousands of hours of experiments in the 20 years of the station’s life. A dedicated crew of engineers and specialists coordinate the use of the 15 pieces of science equipment on the station.

Over the years, 242 people from 19 countries have orbited on the station. Over 4,000 scientists in 108 countries have designed experiments that have been conducted on the station.* This is an achievement!

Take a few moments to appreciate the achievements of others around you. It may be the phone in your hand, the car you drive, or some other invention. It may be the college you attended, the medical treatment you have received, or something else. Stop and appreciate the achievement of others.

*Rick Smith, “Space Station support teams mark 20 years of achievement,” The Redstone Rocket, March 24, 2021,   https://www.theredstonerocket.com/tech_today/article_0b6ef27e-8c8c-11eb-8d5d-e7c31cdd6424.html

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