Whatever Is Admirable – Sat – 21-04-17

Do you ever get tired of watching or reading the news? I know I do. Because the news is usually bad. That’s what sells. Whatever the media — whether broadcast, print or online media — it is most likely to focus on disasters, political conflicts, and accidents. Even the weather tends to focus on the negative. Last week we had a tornado in the county. The radar and weather report pre-empted all other programming — which is understandable.  The next day, the local television news was showing the houses and buildings damaged by the storm. I had even received an emergency notification on my phone about the storm. But I never get any notifications for a sunny day!

So what does  good news look like? Usually the only good news you find broadcast is tied to the economic markets. Since some people invest, they want both the positive and the negative events that will affect their investment. So the economic news is covered. Maybe the local news, if they have time, will report a positive story. But we usually don’t hear about the birth of babies, the marriage of couples or the celebration of birthdays, promotions and achievements except from family and friends.

As we conclude our focus on whatever is admirable, let’s take a moment to focus on good news. Turn away from the bad news media, and follow your friends and family who have reports of good things to share.

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Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.