Whatever Is Admirable – Thu – 21-04-15

I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed the other day. If you are not aware, LinkedIn is a social network focused on careers. I have a lot of friends and colleagues on the network. Many of whom post updates or articles. Most of the posts are about new products, job openings, or articles to help with your career. But one recent post stood out as a bit different. My friend Chuck posted recognition for a co-worker named Alex for “going above and beyond.” Chuck recognized the pride Alex took in his work and thanked him for being a part of the team.

As we search for things that are admirable, this example illustrates a nuance. The word admirable in Philippians 4:8 can also mean “commendable.” To commend someone is to praise them or mention them with approval.  In his LinkedIn post, Chuck praised Alex for his attitude and effort. It is also admirable of Chuck to recognize a co-worker for his contributions. Don’t you wish there was more recognition for jobs well done in your workplace?

Today, take the time to look around you and praise someone for their good attitude or effort. If you are on LinkedIn, you may want to use the kudos feature to do this. Or your workplace may have an internal site to recognize others. Even without these tools, simply commending another in front of an audience will help you focus on “whatever is admirable.”

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