Whatever Is Admirable – Sun – 21-04-11

This week we return to Philippians 4:8 to dig out more encouragement. Our focus will be on “whatever is admirable.” The word admirable speaks of something that inspires approval, something that is excellent.

For example, in India, awards are given to Indian companies that are entrepreneurial and have high standards of quality for their products and services. In June of 2020 the GOELD Frozen Foods brand was recognized as India’s Most Admirable Brand. They manufacture vegetarian frozen food. They have state of the art facilities and have been certified by various organizations for quality. That’s why the award jury recognized the company.*

Like the award jury, we need to have high standards for the things that take our focus. We must be searching for things that inspire approval. Things that exude excellence. If you went on a search today, for something admirable, where would you begin? Would you look at health care workers, first responders or perhaps teachers? Would you search for the friendliest employee at a store or shop?

Remember, as we focus on something admirable, we are not trying to become hyper critical. We don’t want to become cynical critics that are never happy with others. The standards we apply are not to foster an attitude of dissatisfaction. Rather, we are choosing to focus on things that inspire us. Begin your search for “whatever is admirable” now.

*Fortune India Exchange, “GOELD Gets Awarded as India’s Most Admirable Brand by The Brand Story,” Fortune India, March 3, 2021, https://www.fortuneindia.com/technology/untitled-mar-03-2021-1123-pmgoeld-gets-awarded-as-indias-most-admirable-brand-by-the-brand-story/105254

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