Go Tell: Impact – Sat – 21-04-10

Have you ever wonder what it was like to experience historical events, like being the first to walk on the moon or fly an airplane?

Here’s one for you. What was it like to be Mary Magdalene, one of the first people to see the risen Jesus? She was the first to carry the message of the risen Christ. Can you imagine the grief turned to elation? Can you see her running back into the city, bursting with joy? Even after telling the disciples, can you imagine what she said to her friends and neighbors about the experience?

Do you suppose Mary told all the ways that Jesus had impacted her life? Surely she told about the first time she met Jesus. She was suffering, possessed by seven demons, Luke 8:2 says. Jesus removed them. She could tell of all the times she had heard Jesus teach, had seen him perform miracles. Mary could tell you about the crucifixion and the choked-throat-feeling of seeing Jesus die. But I’m sure she always ended her story with the thrill of seeing the risen Jesus!

As we conclude our emphasis on the angel’s message of the resurrection, let’s remember the three parts. Fear not, this is a message of hope. Come see, there is evidence that Jesus rose. And finally, go tell. Our message should be like Mary’s, tell others of the way you have experienced the impact of Jesus in your life.

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Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.