Go Tell: Forgiveness – Wed – 21-04-07

When Mary Magdalene visited Jesus’ tomb on Easter morning, she met an angel. The angel gave her a message. We’ve summarize that message with three phrases based on Matthew 28: “fear not,” “come see” and “go tell.” The final phrase, “go tell,” will be our focus the rest of the week. For Mary, the message was to tell Jesus’ disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead and he would meet them in Galilee. For us, the message is a bit different.

Yes, we are to tell people that Jesus is risen from the dead! This is fantastic news! The early followers of Jesus often used the phrase “He is risen!” as a greeting. The reply was “He is risen indeed!” The fact that Jesus miraculously lives is exciting. But we have so much more to tell! What does it mean for us that Jesus has risen from the dead? First, it means that forgiveness from God is possible.

Romans 4:25 (NIV) says “He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.” (NIV)

The word justification is a legal term. It means one is declared right in the eyes of the law. In other words, Jesus’ resurrection was necessary for God to declare believers not guilty. Because Jesus lives, we can be forgiven of disobedience to God. We can have our relationship with God restored, here and now. Tell someone today that Jesus lives and about the forgiveness made possible by this fact.

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