Come See Peter – Tue – 21-04-06

Today, we take another look at the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. Rather than examining the empty tomb, we are going to examine the changed life of one of Jesus’ closest followers.

Peter was a leader among the disciples. He was always speaking up. He professed that Jesus was God’s son. Yet on the same occasion he urged Jesus to take the wrong action. Jesus told him, “Get behind me, Satan!” Peter seemed to blow hot and cold.

When Jesus came to the disciples in a boat by walking on the water, Peter had the faith to step out onto the water as well. Then he took his eyes off of Jesus and sank! Consistency was not his forte!

At Jesus’ arrest, he was ready to defend him against the crowd. He even swung his sword and severed an ear. Yet on the same night he denied Jesus three times. Imagine his guilt and fear. What caused him to stand and preach Jesus to thousands a few weeks later — in the very city that had killed Jesus? What turned him into a rock of faith who eventually was executed as follower? Why didn’t he again deny Jesus to save his own skin? What could cause such a change? He had seen the empty tomb. More importantly, he had seen the risen Jesus several times. His changed life is evidence that Jesus lives!

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