Come See the Tomb – Mon – 21-04-05

Here’s two minutes of encouragement on the Sparking Faith podcast.

Today, we are going to take a look at evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. It really is a challenge to believe in life after death. I think that is why the angel that appeared to the women at Jesus’ tomb urged them to “come and see the place where he lay.” (NIV)

The empty tomb of Jesus is one piece of evidence for his resurrection. It must be explained. What happened that a tomb sealed and guarded by a squad of Roman soldiers is now empty?

Was his body stolen? No, that’s why the seal and guard were there in the first place — to prevent theft of the body.

Did Jesus revive because he didn’t really die? No, Roman soldiers knew quite well how to execute people through crucifixion. They didn’t screw it up! They also made sure of his death when they shoved a spear up into his side, undoubtably into his chest cavity.

Many atheists have tried to disprove the resurrection of Jesus. Many have also come to faith in the process. Lee Strobel is one of them. He was the legal editor of The Chicago Tribune. If you have not seen his video The Case For Christ, search for it on your streaming service. You can also check out the show notes for a link to his site.

There is no explanation for the empty tomb of Jesus that fits the facts except that he rose from the dead.

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