In the Tomb – Sat – 21-04-03

While in college, I took a class on death and dying. During the semester, the class took a field trip to visit different cemeteries in a metropolitan area. One cemetery had a large mausoleum in the middle of it, which we toured. I remember the floors and walls were made of beautiful marble. The halls were brightly lit with bird cages placed at intervals. Canaries lived in the cages. They made trilling whistles and chirps that echoed through the corridors. Vases were attached to the walls and many held fresh flowers. It was all designed to make the most pleasant environment in which to place the dead.

The mausoleum was surely a contrast to Jesus’ tomb. His was carved from rock, not lined with polished marble. No lights shown within. No birds chirped. No flowers marked his grave. Jesus had been hastily placed in the tomb without the normal preparation of the body — there just wasn’t time before the Sabbath began.

So what happened on Saturday after Jesus’ death?  The Bible doesn’t say. I imagine his followers observed the Sabbath and grieved their loss. Their hopes and  dreams had been dashed. They sat despondent. They just couldn’t see the hope that was coming the very next day. But we know the rest of the story!

 If you are facing a time of loss and grief, remember God holds tomorrow. He holds the hope that you may not see. Trust him.

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