Ministry Recap – Wed – 21-03-31

This week we are looking at the events of Jesus’ life in the final week before his death. We have focused on the events that occurred on each day of the week. So what happened on Wednesday of Jesus’ final week? We don’t know. He probably spent time in Bethany, just outside of Jerusalem. But the Bible doesn’t provide any details.

So let’s take a moment to recap — sort of like the introduction of a television program that shows all the key scenes from previous episodes.

  • Over 30 years earlier, Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Angels announced his birth. He was God’s son miraculously born to a virgin.
  • At the approximate age of 30, Jesus began his ministry. He toured in the areas of Galilee and Judea, teaching and performing miracles for three and a half years. At one point, his popularity was viral, but had declined somewhat in the final year of his ministry because people misunderstood his role and his message about the Kingdom of God.
  • As his popularity with people increased, so did opposition from the religious and political leaders. They were actively seeking ways to discredit and even kill him.
  • Just three days prior, Jesus had entered Jerusalem, hailed as the king by the crowds that packed the roads.
  • Just the day before, Jesus had thwarted his enemies’ attempts to discredit him through publicly questioning him about his teaching.

That brings us up to speed for the climactic scenes. Which we’ll begin discussing tomorrow!

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