Palm Sunday – Sun – 21-03-28

This week we will focus on the events in the final week of Jesus’ ministry.

Have you ever been to a parade that welcomes home a sports team after winning the championship? People line the street and cheer! Sometimes they swarm the streets and crowd the vehicles that carry team members. If you’ve see this, you can begin to understand the excitement of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. People swarmed the streets. They crowded Jesus and His disciples. They wanted to get close and touch Him. They cheered. But they also did something I’ve never seen in a championship parade. Matthew 21: 8 tells us they took off their cloaks and carpeted the street for Jesus, who was riding on a donkey.

Now I enjoy when my favorite team wins a championship! But, I don’t feel like throwing my coat in the street so their cars can drive on it!  But this happened for Jesus. And it wasn’t rubber tires. The hooves of a donkey trod on the cloaks and the palm branches people cast in the street. And you know what’s on donkey hooves, right? This shows that the crowds excitement for Jesus was far greater than that of a championship parade!

Many have nicknamed today “Palm Sunday” to commemorate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on a carpet of palm branches. But cloaks were cast down as well. Maybe we should call this “cloak Sunday” instead. In any event, be sure to honor Jesus today.

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