Whatever Is Lovely – Sat – 21-03-27

When you find something lovely, doesn’t it just delight you? This is true of my wife. She has a special appreciation for flowers. They delight her. When she stops to soak in their beauty, whether in a botanical garden or an arboretum or anywhere, her face just lights up. Flowers delight her!

I used to travel for business, often internationally. Knowing how much Elaine liked flowers, I would take pictures of flowers I encountered. These may have been in the hotel lobby, along the streets of the city, or just in someone’s yard.  Though a picture is not as good as seeing flowers in person, she still delighted in their beauty.

Flowers are one of the most lovely things God created. They remind us of Him. In fact, according to 1 Kings chapter 6, when Solomon built the temple in ancient Jerusalem, flowers were part of the motif. They were carved in the cedar paneling that lined much of the temple. They were carved on the doors into the temple and overlaid with gold. Inside and out, you could see on the walls carvings of angels, palm trees and flowers.

Today, find some flowers, then stop and soak in their beauty. Examine the shading of color in their petals and the intricate detail within each blossom. And like the temple carvings, let the flowers remind you of God’s creative genius!

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Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.