Whatever Is Lovely – Fri – 21-03-26

Some things just seem to grab and hold our attention. Usually it is the bad news. Like pictures of a multi-car pile-up on the interstate, or the report of a terror attack, or the impact of a deadly storm, or the death toll from an earthquake — or a virus.  But this week, we are focusing on whatever is lovely. We want things that leave a good feeling. What positive thing can capture our attention? Can you think of something positive that you want to pass on to others? Here’s something I found on WSAV.com

Cauliflower, a lost calico cat, has returned home. The cat was lost when her owners, who were stationed in South Korea, were preparing to return to Georgia. Cauliflower, or Cauli for short, jumped out of the car before she could be taken to the  airport. Her owners had to complete the move, leaving Cauli lost 7,000 miles away. Over a month later, Cauli was found in South Korea and another soldier traveling to the US volunteered to bring her home.*

What is it about pet stories that we just love? The details I’ve shared about Cauliflower the cat is just the bare story. There are more details on the WSAV website you can check out. You can find a link to the story in this episodes show notes.

Until next time, keep your eyes peeled for lovely things. When you find one, pass it on to another.

*Ashley Williams, “Pet owners reunited with cat in Georgia after losing her 7,000 miles away in South Korea,” WSAV, February 2, 2021, https://www.wsav.com/now/pet-owners-reunited-with-cat-in-georgia-after-losing-her-7000-miles-away-in-south-korea/

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