Whatever Is Lovely – Thu – 21-03-25

The word lovely used in Philippians 4:8 is a combination of two words in the original language — the word meaning  “toward” and another meaning “brotherly love.” For us to follow the verse and think about “whatever is lovely” means we think about the things that move us to brotherly love. Another translation could be “friendly” or “friendliness.”

So what is the picture of friendliness? Has anyone ever been recognized as the most friendly person? I decided to search internet. I looked for examples of friendly people. But I discovered the word friendly is used in a more focused way than describing people. I found hits for things that are, pet-friendly, age-friendly, eco-friendly, budget-friendly. But I wasn’t finding results about a friendly person.  Then I found a news story about the most friendly town in Idaho — Bonner’s Ferry.* So I watched the video clip from the local television station which told the history of the town. The moniker “most friendly town in Idaho” was given by a former governor. It didn’t explain his experience in visiting the town, but he must have been impressed!

If you’re like me, you want to live in a friendly community where people smile, wave and help each other. A place of brotherly love will be friendly! Today, enjoy the friendliness that others show you. Also, focus on being more friendly yourself. Smile and use people’s names! Do this for cashiers at the convenience store, servers at the restaurant or your neighbor living next door.

*Brian Holmes, “Getting to know Idaho: Bonners Ferry, the most friendly town,” KTVB, February 5, 2001, https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/local/208/bonners-ferry-idaho-getting-to-know/277-2e6d79ef-a6cd-4ca7-9633-e7249673ba9e

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