Whatever Is Lovely – Wed – 21-03-24

This week we are focusing on agreeable, lovely, and pleasing things. I’ve asked you to look for such things in your life. How’s your search going? I bet you are not finding these in the political news! Nor will you find them if you are focused on yourself. You see we are searching for things that please us, but are not necessarily about us.

I found an interesting story on al.com. It tells about Johnny Bullard, or “Bull” for short. Bull is the retired custodian from Tarrant Elementary School in Fultondale, Alabama. He lost his home and all his belongings to a tornado on January 25. He had no insurance to cover the loss. But, Bull has friends. They set up a GoFundMe account and raised over $44,000 to help him rebuild. 900 people contributed.*

There are several dimensions in which this story pleases. First, I like the account of friends helping another in need, even though I don’t know Bull. This story pleases me. I hope it also pleases you! Second, I know Bull found this pleasing! It must feel good to be loved by friends. Finally, the friends who organized the GoFundMe effort are also pleased. They experienced the joy of helping their friend Bull.

If you are struggling to find lovely, pleasing things in your life, then think about how friends have helped you. Even better, find a way to help a friend today.

*William Thornton, “Friends rally for retired custodian who lost home in Fultondale tornado: ‘He would never ask for help’,” AL.com, Feb 1, 2021, https://www.al.com/news/2021/02/friends-rally-for-retired-custodian-who-lost-home-in-fultondale-tornado-he-would-never-ask-for-help.html

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