Whatever Is Lovely – Mon – 21-03-22

I learned a new word recently — doomscrolling. This term refers to reading large quantities of negative, online news or blog posts. If you are scrolling from one “doom and gloom” story to the next, then you are doomscrolling.

This doesn’t leave you in a good mood. In fact, I’ve heard that some mental health experts say that doomscrolling is bad for your mental health. I know when I do this, it stresses me like drinking too much coffee! What we need is to think about things that are lovely or, to put it another way, things that are pleasant and friendly. Here’s one:

In January, Mount Pleasant South Carolina hosted a drive-through, Covid vaccination clinic. 1,000 people were vaccinated on a rainy day. Key to the event’s success were volunteers from area Rotary Clubs. They assisted with set up, traffic control, created follow-up vaccination cards and performed other non-medical tasks — all of this out in the rain! As people were driving out, they waved and said thank you to the volunteers. One woman rolled down her window and called out, “I’m going to live!”*

Isn’t it great to know there are friendly people who want to help their communities?! Stop your doomscrolling today and search out something pleasant, friendly and heart-warming. It will change your attitude, and will probably make your day.

*Kenna Coe, “Mount Pleasant Rotary Club continues to help community despite COVID-19 interruptions,” Moultrie News, Feb 2, 2021, https://www.postandcourier.com/moultrie-news/news/business/mount-pleasant-rotary-club-continues-to-help-community-despite-covid-19-interruptions/article_1dc702d0-6186-11eb-ab1d-1398c630c2bf.html

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