Whatever Is Pure – Tue – 21-03-16

Yesterday, I encouraged you to search out and focus on things that are pure and innocent. Did you find women or men who are examples? Is it even possible that adults can be pure? It seems so extreme.

Certainly living a pure life is possible! This word is used in different places in the New Testament. Timothy is told to keep himself pure, implying he was. Christians are urged to purify themselves as Jesus is pure. Wives are encouraged to lead lives of purity. I especially like the word used in 1 Peter 3 verse 2 in the King James Version. It uses the word conversation to describe what is pure. Granted the word conversation means “way of life” which other translations use. However, what we say is a huge portion of how we live.

Take my grandmother. I never heard her utter a curse. She was generally pleasant. Oh sure, she got cross with Grandpa a few times, and I know that more than once I made her frustrated and angry. But I would have been absolutely shocked if Grandma every swore like a sailor! I just knew how she lived and talked. If Grandma swore a blue streak, I would suspect an imposter!

Do you have examples in your life of people who live and talk with purity? I certainly hope so! I also hope that you can follow their example and live and talk with purity as well.

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