Whatever Is Pure – Mon – 21-03-15

Babies and toddlers are so precious! I recently watched a small girl in the lobby of our church. She must have been about three years of age. She was wearing a red skirt filled with folds and pleats. While her parents talked to other adults, she spun around, watching her skirt lift and twirl about her legs.  Children are so delighted with the simple discovery of life! They are so unmarred by cynicism, ulterior motives or suspicion. When you talk to them, their questions are so sincere and innocent.

Children are not simply innocent in the legal sense — meaning not guilty. Someone can be not guilty and still be filled with impure thought and intention. One can even be not guilty and still be filled with evil. No, the innocence of children is the purity of their character. Undiluted, without pollution, clean.

When we think about whatever is pure, one focus is innocence, like that of small children. We need to search for things that are unmarred by cynicism or suspicion or selfishness or ulterior motives. Does that describe our social media feeds? Perhaps it should. Are we posting things that are sincere and innocent, or cynical and slanted? Thinking about things that are pure is a challenge. How will you rise to that challenge today? I hope you will search out and focus on things that are pure and innocent.

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Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.