Whatever Is Right – Thu – 21-03-11

Think about whatever is right, encourages Scripture. A nuance of the word right is lawful. So our focus should be on lawful things? Wow, that seems hard to do!

Because the media constantly reports on all the unlawful behavior around us. The local media talks about shots fired, thefts, robberies or other crimes. The national media loves to highlight the lawless behavior of politicians or activist groups. In such a sea of lawlessness, how do we think about the right and lawful things?

Well, we need to change our perspective. I remember someone years ago talking about how everyone was speeding on the highway. He drove the speed limit and believed everyone else did not, because he was constantly being passed. It seemed like everyone he saw was passing him. But his perspective changed when realized he would never be passed by anyone was also driving the speed limit. Nor would he pass anyone driving the speed limit. His attention was captured by the speeders, not the lawful behavior of many others.

So, if we are going to think about whatever is right, we need to change our perspective. We must look beyond the news. Let’s search through our social media, our co-workers and neighbors. We’ll find many who are lawful. In fact, we’ll probably find there are far more lawful people around us than we thought. So don’t be fooled by the news into thinking that the “bad” people outnumber us!

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Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.