Whatever Is Right – Mon – 21-03-08

When was the last time you described someone as “just” or “righteous”? You know,  as in “she is a just person” or “he is a righteous man.” I’ll bet you can’t remember. We don’t use these words much today. If we do, they are probably used in a negative way, such as calling someone “self-righteous.” Another description of being righteous is to call someone “law abiding.” But that too seems pretty wooden. You probably don’t describe people in that way very often either!

Does the way we describe others reveal what we value? How do you describe others? Do you say  “he’s cool” or “she’s good-looking” or “he’s a nice guy.” Does that mean that you value someone being fashionable, good-looking and pleasant more than whether they have good moral character?

Or, let’s flip this around. How do you want others to describe you? Are you most pleased if they say you are cool, or if they say you’re good-looking? Do you want to be known as nice — or would you rather be called “just” or “righteous” or “law abiding”?

If we truly want to focus on whatever is right, we need to value living up to the standards — the standards of our country and community, but even more standards of God. Look around today. Can you spot someone who is just? Will others recognize the same in you?

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Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.