Whatever Is Right – Sun – 21-03-07

Philippians 4 verse 8 encourages us to focus on several positive things. One of which will be our focus this week — whatever is right.

The word right refers to something that meets a standard. Standards are very important in our lives. Standards are often related to safety. For example, restaurants, as well and companies that process and package food, must follow standards for food safety.

Another example is the Underwriter’s Laboratories standards organization. They create standards for safety and then test products to see if they are safe.  For example, does it catch fire too easily? If the product passes the test, the maker can add a label the product. These are often a round circle with the letters UL inside. The label shows the product meets the safety standards of Underwriter’s Laboratories. You often see these labels on electrical appliances, though the labs test many other things as well.

The word right and its related forms are translated in the Bible in different ways, including right, just, righteous and righteousness. They relate to the word law. Law is the standard that must be met. Something that is right or just meets the standard. But there’s more to it. You see the word right is also used to describe God. He is the ultimate standard of what is right, of what is just. He defines the law of right and wrong. If you want to focus on the standard of being right or just, think about God.

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