Believe: Design – Sat – 21-03-06

I recently purchased a new vehicle. It’s a lot like the vehicles I’ve had for many years. It has four tires, a metal body and safety glass windows. The engine runs on gasoline, uses motor oil and has an air filter. It is connected to an automatic transmission to drive the wheels.

But this vehicle is also very different. It is the first car I have owned that connects to my home Wi-Fi to download updates! It has a global positioning system that can display a map in the dash. The car actually has some sort of vision. Place it in cruise control and it adapts to the speed of vehicles in front of it, speeding up or slowing down. It can even apply the brakes! It can also watch the road and steer itself between the lines, which is great, but it still requires me to hold the wheel and beeps at me if I don’t! I can even use an app on my phone to lock it, start it, locate it in a parking lot, or view a health report!

I really appreciate all the man-years of engineering that have created and improved automobiles! They are a product of intelligent design and quality manufacturing!

Like my car, our fantastically complex world is also the product of intelligent design, God’s design. When you see the complexities of nature, I hope you are reminded and I hope you stop and give praise to God as well!

Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.