Believe: People – Fri – 21-03-05

Human beings are amazing! People have walked on the moon, split the atom, harnessed electricity, invented the steam engine, and indoor plumbing. We are the only animals who seek to understand how the universe functions and harness it for the benefit of humanity. We have created surgical techniques, pharmaceuticals,  anesthesia, x-ray machines, pacemakers and other medical marvels. We have designed buildings that soar into the sky, planes that cross it and instruments to measure it.

People have created art, everything from cave paintings to sculpture to symphonies and films. We have even taught some animals crude forms of art, but no animal taught us the theory of color, or even how to paint on a cave ceiling.

People communicate in scores of languages and have written everything from receipts to encyclopedias to novels.

We have invented machines and the languages that cause some of those machines to compute and perform pattern recognition faster and better than we do. We conceived mathematics and statistics and use them to communicate and engineer our world.

People are the only animals on this earth that define moral and legal codes, let alone the only ones who have created temples for worship and seek to understand the spiritual aspect of life. Have you ever seen an elephant who was an attorney or a gazelle singing in worship? No!

How do we explain the vast difference between people and the other species on this earth? Genesis 1:27-31 says people were made in the image of God.

Bumper music “Landing Place” performed by Mark July, used under license from Shutterstock.